About Me

What is there to say? I am a type-a planning obsessed, million thoughts a minute, big emotions, struggler of the best kind. I am a big hearted, fluff fanatic, who adores most anything with four paws, whiskers, and fluffy tails.   I’m a bubbly, fairly shy, until you get to know me. Then I’m loud and playful and strong-headed.  I am passionate, and artistic, I love to make, and create, and manipulate things to make new pieces. I am a lover not a fighter, but like anyone else I have my moments. I’m a 90’s baby, with a fairly sheltered upbringing, but I’ve had time to learn and grow up into a fairly well-rounded human being.

I am originally from Colorado, where I spent the first 22, years of my life. In December of 2015, I moved to Pennsylvania for a short, and hard 10 weeks, after which I settled into a new home, Tampa, Florida. Here I am, writing this blog, along with my own family, in very humble beginnings.

I have always loved to make things, and this is a culmination of that need, and drive. I love to write, and draw, and photograph, and bake and cook, and create! Creation calms me down and lets me get out the chaos inside of me.

I’m currently a working professional, and the marketing coordinator for a Law Firm. I love my job, but hope to pursue my own ventures in the next year or two as I can.


About Humphy Happy Girl

How did this idea come around?

Well my human mate, near the beginning of our relationship, would call me humphy when I got grumpy, or just in a blah kind of mood. “Humph” like the exclamation, referring to an “expression of scornful doubt or dissatisfaction.” And it just so happens that my initials essentially make up the word y’all, it’s just meant to be.

Happy is coming from an aspiration and necessary place in my heart. I am making choice and a concerted effort to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and focusing on being happy and present is a goal that I have for my life.