Whole 30 Failure

We were starting our Whole30 on the 1st and we failed before we even started.

We had the opportunity to go to Disney World Saturday for the first time in a long while and, well let’s just say the last thing on my mind was our Whole30.

This nut mix was the only thing in the parks that we came across that was technically compliant, but typically we are trying to avoid Canola Oil. To be fair, we weren’t looking too hard for compliant foods, because we agreed to start over today instead. We were curious though, about what is available to us in the parks if we don’t pack our own snacks or meals.

I think if we had been more prepared (and probably a few days further in) we would have made more of an effort to stay compliant and I’m going to be putting in a lot more research before our friends and family start coming in for vacations in the spring.

Living in Florida there are so many places and things to see and do, so learning how to eat out as well as cooking in our home is vital for success, especially when everyone comes in from out of town, and you live in a tiny house.

So today, we started over. Plus, I have all of the tools I need and could want really to be successful on this 30 day journey. I took some different pictures for my before, and realized just how much I need to do this to feel better in so many different ways.

I want to instill more confidence in myself. I want to get to where I can feel comfortable on the other side of a camera. I hate being in front of the lens. I want to have more confidence in my strength and abilities. I want to be more positive towards myself and what I can accomplish and I want to share that positivity with others.

So I’m going to challenge myself during this 30 days to:

  • Not to miss a meal, even if it’s a simple, quick one.
  • Keep my body hydrated
  • Move more everyday even if it’s just 5 more steps
  • Learn more about “not from my kitchen” food options that are not just “go-to” less healthy things
  • Step out of my comfort zone

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